The Washington Monument is a building constructed of 82 000 tons of stone and 550 feet high is the tallest free-standing masonry structure in the world.  The load bearing walls were 15 feet thick at the base and 18 inches thick at the top. completed more than 125 years ago, it was designed to last for centuries, but even in the time of humans the stone was beginning to deteriorate.How long will it last?


  500 years after people:Washington D.C. has returned to a swamp and the Washington Monument still looms over the lush swamp that Washington D.C. has become. Vines now grow up the obelisk's sides. At the top of the Washington Monument is an aluminum pyramid upon which is etched the words Laus Deo which is Latin for "Praise be to God." When it was installed the aluminum pyramid was surrounded by six copper lightning rods but now the lightning rods have corroded away and the aluminum pyramid has been blackened by lightning strikes.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument slowly starts to sink after 1000 years after people

1000 years after people:The Atlantic Ocean has flooded Washington D.C. and although the Washington Monument still emerges over the waves the flooding is causing the obelisk to sink. Submerging may be its only chance for survival. As the Washington Monument slowly sinks below the waves the words Laus Deo may be the last readable writing in Washington D.C.