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Times Square is one of the loudest places in New York City with honking horns, screaming sirens that could reach up to 120 decibels, but in the life after people, Times Square is shrouded by permanent silence.


Times Square was first featured in Heavy Metal in the one day segment, where it is still shining, but silent besides the sound of air conditioners at 50 decibels. Then, the next day, the black out begins as the NYC power grid fails, plunging the suqare into darkness, like the 2003 blackout. Later, the Ricoh billboard shone after six months, from solar and wind power, even as every street corner in NYC is dark, after the 3 year segment, the sign goes dark as the bulbs burn out. In the 100-200 hundreds of years, the buildings' great collapse and skyline crumble begins (as a placeholder for general modern buildings/skylines), then in the main documentary, by 1000 years, most of the Times Square have been collapsed and transformed, the documentary shows the time lapse of the Times Square. Firstly showing the blackout, then plant life occurs within the street, the sign and cars corrodes and fade. Meanwhile, corrosion begins causing areas to crumble, one after one, from advertisement signs, to the skyscrapers, including Two Times Square when it collapse in a pancake collapse. Nature then changed Times Square completely and is now unrecognizable, it has become a meadow with trees and a river flowing through it, and the mountains surrounds.


  • If one pay attention to the timelapse, there are some noticeable mistakes seen in the Times Square timelapse.

    The signs above are somewhat visible - they should have collapsed off Two Times Square.

    • When the time of day turns into the early cloudy morning, some signs are still on, yet the blackout should have been completely finished by the night's end.
    • While the signs begun to degrade, some of the signs didn't degrade. The same applies for the cars.
    • During the blackout, some plants abruptly grow. This is even more evident in the original shot of the blackout in Heavy Metal.
    • Even though the top floors of Two Times Square collapse, when the entire building collapse, the top floors is still intact. It is possible that it was meant for the building behind Two Times Square.


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