This article follows the timeline of the collapses and fates of mankind's most famous monuments in a life after people.

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1 Months after People: Maid of the Mist Docks

9 Months after People: U.S.S. Constitution

1 Year after People: Palm Springs wind farm

2 Years after People: San Francisco Cable Cars

3 Years after People: International Space Station

5 Years after People: Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, Air Force One

6 Years after People: The Geysers

10 Years after People: Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Folsom Dam, California State Capitol, Sacramento International Airport

15 Years after People: Lucy the Elephant

20 Years after People: International Railway Bridge

35 Years after People: The steeple of Old North Church

50 Years after People: The top floors of the US Bank Tower (Los Angeles), Burj Al Arab, Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles City Hall, KVLY-TV mast, Steel Pier, Tower Life Building, Palace of Versailles, Hall of Supreme Harmony, the scoreboard of Wrigley Field, Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

60 Years after People: Randy's Donuts

70 Years after People: Oriental Pearl Tower

75 Years after People: Stahl House, Sydney Opera House, Liberty Bell, Crystal Cathedral, Angel of Independence, Itaipu Dam, World Trade Center Mexico City,Obelisk of Buenos Aires, Aldridge's Always Christmas Store


100 Years after People: Big Ben, Brooklyn Bridge, Roosevelt Island Tramway, 4 Times Square, The San Remo, Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Astrodome, The "L" Train, Blue and Green Diamond Towers, Seven Mile Bridge, Chase Tower, Co-Op City, Silver Bullet Roller Coaster, San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge, Coca-Cola Building,Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

120 Years after People: Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

125 Years after People: St. Basil's Cathedral

150 Years after People: MetLife Building, John Hancock Tower, Renaissance Center, the Roadway of the Ambassador Bridge, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Copan Building, Titanium La Portada, Torre Mayor, Aloha Tower, The 10,000 Year Clock

175 Years after People: Capitol Records Building, White House, United Nations Headquarters


200 Years after People: The Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Tower Bridge, Monticello, Sears Tower, Chrysler Building, Taipei 101, Space Needle, JPMorgan Chase Tower, Las Vegas Sign, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Wells Fargo Center, Hearst Castle, Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Monument to the Divine Savior of The World, The Towers of the Ambassador Bridge

250 Years after People: Lincoln Memorial, John Hancock Center, Burj Khalifa, Christ the Redeemer Statue, United States Capitol Building, The Alamo, The Gateway Arch


300 Years after People: The Statue of Liberty, One Shell Square, Stratosphere Tower, The Gherkin, the Forbidden City


500 Years after People: Petronas Towers, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Florence Cathedral


600 Years after People: The main collapse of the US Bank Tower (Los Angeles)


1000 Years after People: Taj Mahal, Colosseum


2000 Years after People: Cathedral of Notre Dame


5000 Years after People: Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station


10,000 Years after People: Hoover Dam

20,000 Years after People: Crypt of Civilization

50,000 Years after People: KEO Satellite

Structures that Refuse to Collapse

Pyramids of Giza, Mount Rushmore, Marine Corps War Memorial, Confederate Memorial, NORAD, Teotihuacan,Lascaux Cave, Great Wall of China, Washington Monument,Luxor Hotel Pyramid

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