The structure after 5 years


The structure floods in a typhoon


the structure collapses

Taipei 101 is the tallest building in Taiwan and is now the fourth tallest building in the world. In a life after people, will the mass damper make the building more safe, or will the mass damper become a weapon of mass destruction?

5 years after people: A category 5 typhoon strikes Taipei. Suspended near the top floors of the structure is a tuned mass damper system that consists of a large spherical pendulum suspended from 8 cables, this is meant to stabilize Taipei 101 during strong winds and earthquakes. The pendulum does its job and Taipei 101, even being struck by winds at 200 miles per hour will sustain very little damage, however water will gush inside and flood the interior, and many of the windows on the lower floors will be smashed.

200 years after people: The cables that support the steel damper are now corroded. Finally they snap and the 660 metric ton ball freefalls through the building, destroying its decaying floors. normally if the damper fell its underlying sandwich layers would hold the damper. But without humans to do maintenance on it the ball breaks the floors. The tuned mass damper has become a weapon of mass destruction. The pendulum lands below ground-level, and Taipei 101 is no longer the world's fourth tallest skyscraper.