The Cathedral of St. Basil is the most iconic structure in Russia, completed in 1561 A.D. under the orders of Ivan the Terrible. The structure is located in

Moscow, Russia in the Red Square very close to the Kremlin. The main church has nine smaller churches around it, and a newer tenth church was added in the honor of Saint Basil. Each of the smaller churches has a dome which is painted in almost every colour of the rainbow. Today it is known as one of the most beautiful and unusual structures in Russia, but how long will it last without people?


125 Years after People: 125 years without maintenance has caused the structure to sink into the marsh that was Moscow. Finally, the central tower collapses against one of the domes. This causes a chain reaction and one of the most iconic structures on the planet collapses.


Life After People - St

Life After People - St. Basil's Catherdal