1 Week After People: At the Netherlands the evidence of mankind´s eternal battle against water is everywhere, from small levees, to windmills and massive coastal defences, the largests of which is a floodgate the size of two Eiffel Towers. Rotterdam is one of the most vulnerable Dutch cities. At the Boijman's Museum works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and others are hanging at the walls of the museum. But the building is only 10 feet above the sea, And the gates are the only hope for the survival of the city.


The storm floods the city.

1 Month After People: In Rotterdam the paintings of the museum are still hanging, but suddenly a storm hits the city, the gates remain motionless and the city fills with water from two directions: from the North Sea and from the rain. The water has no place to go and continues rising. Water infiltrates the museum and washes away some of mankind´s greatest cultural treasures.