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The Palace of Culture Energetik (Ukrainian: Палац культури «Енергетик», romanized: Palats kultury “Enerhetyk”; Russian: Дворец культуры Энергетик) is an abandoned palace of culture located in the town of Pripyat, at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine.[1] It was featured in the main documentary to discuss the effect of abandonment and lack of maintenance in already-abandoned places, including Prypiat.

we're in what was the cultural center of the city of pripyat. and indeed,this was a place where friends gathered, where there would be celebrations, there would be balls, there would be music, there would be dancing, there would be performing on the stage here behind me. but after 20 years, the forces of nature have started to decay this facility. >> this concrete soviet facade may look imposing but it's no match for the frigid ukranian winters. as the temperature drops below freezing, water that has accumulated in cracks,expands, exerting bursting pressure that pulls apart the masonry. as vegetation grows unchecked, the roots spread through foundations and stairs. these roots suck in moisture that makes them expand and grow. like miniature hydraulic jacks, over time, they slowly push apart the concrete. >> this is only 20 years. can you imagine what this facility will look like after 200 years?