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New York City is one of the most recognizable cities in the whole world. It contains some of the worlds most famous buildings such as the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the Roosevelt Island Tramway. But how long can the Big Apple last?


Life After People Special Documentary 2008

New York City became a main city topic for the documentary....

S1E1: The Bodies Left Behind

In the Bodies Left Behind, One of the most famous landmarks and the symbol of New York is on the breaking point. Flooded by the rising sea level, Liberty Island has no longer of liberty, to liberate the Statue of Liberty. The skeleton of the statue firstly disintegrated, before it finally breaks piece by piece. But the liberation still lives on, as some parts of the Statue of Liberty will be fossilized in time.

S1E4: Heavy Metal

In Heavy Metal, New York City is featured once again. The Center of the Universe went silent as the fossil fuels of New York burns out. Subways became underwater from the pumps. Rockefeller Center that once used for skating rink became a greenhouse as the plant life is now colonizing the seams of the buildings. Gargoyles of the Chrysler Building takes its first and final flight. The Brooklyn Bridge have been colonized by the East River, while the Roosevelt Island Tramway takes its new experience for the first and final time. Newer buildings of New York City takes it toll on a shorter life span while the rivalry of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building ends in a dramatic way. Horses starts a new habitat and the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank is flooded underwater as it managed to survive for a very long time, with the remains of New York are just stone canyons and rivers.

S1E5: The Invaders

In The Invaders, the Asian Long-horned beetle ravages the tree's of New York City..

S1E8: Armed & Defenseless

In Armed & Defenseless, quarantine is still ongoing on the North Brother Island which have been abandoned for 45 Years.

S2E2: Toxic Revenge

In Toxic Revenge, An explosive surprise is happening at the subways underneath of the MetLife Building. The Grand Central Terminal is being consumed by methane gas as the subways is being filled up by the gallons of sewage. Being on the highest point in Manhattan, the MetLife Building breaks and falls on top of the Grand Central Terminal, as the relationship between the two building turns sour

S2E5: Home Wrecked Home

In Home Wrecked Home, New York City is about to get a new hot property from The San Remo. While the complex of Co-Op City became a post-apocalyptic city as the base of the buildings is being flooded by waters of the marshland.

S2E10: Take Me to Your Leader

Take Me to Your Leader features two known landmarks in New York City: the United Nation Headquarters, and the Ulysses S. Grant's Tomb.....

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Out of all the cities in Life After People, New York City is the best explained city for the city nature transformation, with most of it being talked in the original documentary, with 5 districts and streets being featured in the transformation.

Park Avenue

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Civic Center

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Minetta Street

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Times Square

"The transformation is more shockingly is Times Square"

—Life After People Special Documentary 2008

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S1E8: Armed and Defenseless

Main Article: North Brother Island

Being of the island off New York City, North Brother Island have been have quarantined since it was abandoned 45 years ago. The Riverside Hospital being built in 1881 and demolished in the mid-20th century, it was here that Typhoid Mary was quarantined due to the Typhoid virus.

Complete Timeline

Time Period Predictions
1 day Times Square is still a glittering urban shrine, but the streets have turned quiet. Only the 50 decibel hum of air conditioning units still sounding the city.
2 days The New York city power grid fails and the trademarked glow of hundreds of illuminated signs blacks out. Horses must adapt to a life with no humans to care for them. Once power fails, the New York Subways starts to be filled with water in about 36 hours from subway system pumps.
5 days With sewage is being filled in the subways, methane gas starts to build up below the tunnels of Grand Central Terminal.
10 days New York's trees are being eaten away by the Asian Long-horned beetle. The San Remo is engulfed in flames due to rags soaked in linseed-oil that spontaneously combust.
6 months In Times Square, the Ricoh Billboard is still lit up. It is powered by the sun and by the wind. But this sign still can't shine forever.
1 year The plaza of the Rockefeller Center is now a gathering place for animals that congregate here. Every winter, nature now provides its own ice for the rink. But in the spring, the skating rink in the plaza at Rockefeller Center has turned into a garden, and the bronze Prometheus statue's gold coating begins to break down, exposing the bronze underneath.
3 years The Ricoh Billboard in Times Square finally gives out as the light bulbs aren't replaced. The horses have fled New York City and begins to graze off suburban yards and golf courses. But in order to survive, the horses need to find a suitable habitat.
5 years At Central Park. shrubs, bushes, and trees are being sprouted from the lawns of the grass.
10 years At the Rockefeller Center, The seams of the building blocks have turned into green grids. The methane that has been seeping into the MetLife Building from the flooded subways finally ignites and results in a large explosion at the buildings base.
20 years Most of New York's skyscrapers now begin to lose glass from their framework allowing seeds to enter and grow inside the building.
50 years The gargoyles of the Chrysler Building still shimmers, but after taking its toll from the high-level winds and without maintenance, the gargoyles falls and takes its first and final flight.
100 years Ulysses S. Grant's Tomb still stands but the London Plane Trees are starting to invade the building where he rests. The roads of the city's suspension bridges such as the Brooklyn Bridge, collapse due to weakened cables. The weakened cables of the Roosevelt Island Tramway also give way and collapse. Buildings begin to fall in New York City. Due to water damage, the buildings of Co-Op City collapse during a nor'easter.
150 years The plants of Central Park is taking over the city. The descendants of New York City's cats now live in the vertical ecosystems that have formed in abandoned skyscrapers and have become the apex predators of the abandoned skyscrapers. The subways finally collapse leaving massive fissures in the metal canyons of New York. The upper section of the MetLife Building falls on top of Grand Central Terminal destroying Grand Central Terminal's roof and interior; despite this assault, Grand Central Terminal's four exterior walls survive.
175 years The United Nations Headquarters collapses into the East River due to flooding destroying the building's foundational columns. Thanks to the London Plane trees that surround the Ulysses S. Grant's Tomb, Ulysses S. Grant's sarcophagus is now buried under six feet of soil.
200 years With the collapse of the modern skyscrapers, New York Silhouette is a throwback to the great depression. The Empire State Building slips off the skyline, making the Chrysler Building once again became the tallest building in the city, but it didn't last long as it collapse due to the floors couldn't hold anymore, leaving New York's skyline no more.
300 years The Statue of Liberty finally gives way but her remains might survive buried under layers of mud below the sea.
1000 years New York's roads are now rivers where taxi cabs once were. Times Square has changed completely and is now unrecognizable, it has become a meadow with trees and a river flowing through it.
10,000 years The descendants of New York's horses have survived. But the only evidence of New York left is the Federal Reserve Bank where the gold bars now lie underwater still in there safe behind steel bars. These gold bars could last forever.