The Spirit of St. Louis hanging from the ceiling.


...oh wait never mind.

The National Air and Space Museum, located on the National Mall in Washington D.C, holds the record for largest collection of air and space craft. In a life after people, the Spirit of St. Louis hangs from the ceiling, by iron support chains.

50 years after people:After 5 decades of gentle rocking in the breeze, the plane is relatively unharmed.However,the support chains holding the plane in mid-flight snap and the Spirit of St. Louis makes it's final flight-to the ground.The museum itself will continue to slowly deteriorate.But there is more danger abve the ground.The Wright Brother's Flyer is also rocking.Eventually,the chain at the nose fails.No big deal.Then the chain at the tail fails.The plane backflips.A split second later,both chains holding up the wings fail.The plane backflips and hits the ground.The first plane that ever lifted above te ground is now stuck on the ground again,forever.The Apollo 11 Command Module has fallen apart.So has the Apollo Lunar Module.The Bell X-1 crashes to the ground.The rest remain.

150 years after people:The rest of the aircraft still sit in the museum:Hanging from the ceiling,sitting on the ground,or outside.The sculpture Ad Astra,wich means to the stars,still sits at the entrance to the building.But the base is flooding.Finally,it collapses into the museum.The ceiling caves in because of the impact,taking the hanging aircraft with it.Then the ground aircraft are destroyed by a wave of falling rubble and debris.The walls are weakened,and collapse.The history of aircraft is wiped out.