The Lincoln Memorial is an American national monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. How long will this classic building of Washington D.C survive?



The Lincoln Memorial has gone green....

1 year after people: The statue of Abraham Lincoln now stares on a pool reflecting the absence of man. The solid marble of the Lincoln memorial are hinting at a future without human care. Without routine cleaning the clogged drainage pipes are beginning to leak and cause water damage to the roof, the span protecting the statue of Abe Lincoln contains steel reinforcement, and as the roof floods the steel will begin to deteriorate.

The roof collapses, destroying the statue

250 years after people :With no roof drainage the steel girders that support the Lincoln Memorial's roof have corroded. Finally the girders snap and the roof of the Lincoln Memorial collapses, destroying the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the process.

1000 years after people: Despite the statue of Abraham Lincoln collapsing years ago, the rest of the Memorial is now underwater, but like the Washington Monument, it will be preserved and endure for centuries to come.