20 years after people: Europe's KEO Satellite, which carries a DVD with thousands of E-Mail messages from people around the world, still orbits the planet. It is called KEO because K, E and O are in most of the languages on Earth. The earliest works of art on the planet date back 50,000 years, so it was decided that the KEO Satellite will return to Earth 50, 000 years in the future, after completing almost 300 million orbits of Earth. At 870 miles high, it is out of the path of other satellites and space debris, so there is no immediate danger.

50,000 years after people: The KEO Satellite's orbit decays and the KEO finally returns to Earth. On the way down it is hit by small fragments of other satellites, however the KEO is un-harmed. The design of the KEO is a group of concentric spheres made of different metals, Titanium, Aluminum, and Kevlar. The KEO's wings will be shiny and the hope is that anyone who sees these glints of light in the sky, will retrieve the satellite, but with no-one around to see it, the warning system won't be very useful. The Satellite with messages from the 21st Century sinks to the bottom of the ocean and waits for the future.