4 days after people; At Camp Pendleton in California, German Shepherds from the military’s K-9 unit are now without their human commanders but they still remember their training. Some of the dogs were trained to find explosive devices while others were trained to track humans. Now, with noting to keep them tied to the base, the German Shepherds go AWOL and attempt to survive in the wild. They will have no problem eating small animals or anything else they can find, they have even been known to attack snakes. However in the wild they will have to compete with another predator: coyotes.

2 years after people; The coyotes are losing their battle with the Last Marines, the escaped German Shepherds. Due to their training the German Shepherds have no problem overtaking and killing a coyote. Unlike most dogs kept as pets most of the military-trained German Shepherds have had no problem surviving in the wild or hunting for prey.

50 years after people; In the plains of California the Last Marines have vanished. Due to the female German Shepherds being spayed the German Shepherds could not breed amongst themselves. Although some of the males mated with other feral dogs German Shepherds as an unique breed have disappeared. However, German shepherds still thrive and live on in Islands of the coast of California, where they are now top predators of the islands, hunting animals from foxes, to feral sheep, to bison, which were brought to these islands by humans, German shepherds survived, only on small landmasses.

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