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Located along the Mississippi River in Missouri, the Gateway Arch will remain a gateway to the west, but for how long?


The Gateway Arch is featured in Heavy Metal. First appearing in 10 years after people giving an introduction to the viewers. Given by the show information, it is known as the tallest structure in the city at 63 stories. The show criticize the quote from Eero Saarinen who designed it to be stand for 1,000 years, as it looks vulnerable due to its slender form. But the show has mention the advantage of the survivability of the structure where it doesn't have steel skeleton and use the strenght of double walls of stainless steel plates filled with concrete in which corrodes at the slow rate since there is no water intrusion into the structure itself.

The fate of the Gateway was set to revealed in 250 years when the stainless steel of the Gateway Arch have been worned off by corrosion. The show then give another information, key piece that created the 2 sections are the keystone, 17 feet long by 18 feet high and the last pieces to be installed. Before the piece were lifted on October 28, 1965, it was blessed by a Roman Catholic priest and a rabbi. The keystone is the last piece to be installed and it is so critical that a temporarily stabilizing truss was used to keep the 2 legs from collapsing. And so after 250 years, the keystone buckles, then follows the rest of the Gateway Arch, which caused the legs to distabalize and plummets from gravity.