1 Day after people, on the campus of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta Georgia there is a small X carved in stone, buried a few feet underneath is a strange, forgotten crypt. The Crypt of Civilization is a time capsule filled with strange objects, mannequins stare into the dark, cans of news reels, a violin case, a typewriter, toys and dental floss, lipstick, cigarette lighters and radios aswell as the screenplay of Gone with the Wind. These are all items specially chosen to represent life in the 1930's. The crypt was sealed in 1936 with orders to be opened on May 28, 8113 AD.

In a life after people no one is there to open the Crypt of Civilization on May 28, 8113. It is now buried deeper than it originally was, plants and mold have invaded the interior, the metallic artifacts have rusted, the mannequins have decayed, and the beer in it has gone sour. It has failed to preserve a record of humanity.