Co-op City Hutch River

Co-Op City before we disappeared.

Co-Op City (Cooperative City), located in the Baychester section of the borough of the Bronx in northeast New York City, is the largest cooperative housing development in the world. The city currently houses over 20,000 New Yorkers. It is built on reclaimed marshland near the Hutchinson River. If it were a distinct municipality, it would be the 10th largest "city" in New York State. But how long it will last?
Co-op collapse

Co-Op City is destroyed caused by the water assaults

1 day after people: The power fails in this area.

100 years after people: The Hutchinson River has reclaimed the former marshland that Co-Op City was built on the Bronx. The apartment buildings are degrading the fastest where waves hit them along their splashzone. Rainwater is leaking through the building's roofs and the apartment buildings of Co-Op City are assaulted by water from above and from below. Finally, wind in and the buildings of Co-Op City collapse into a watery grave.