The cathedral's towers after 2,000 years

Notre Dame de Paris (French for "Our Lady of Paris") is a Roman Catholic Marian cathedral in Paris, France. It is believed that this building will last for many centuries because it was built from stone and only needs gravity for support. But will this Gothic church stand the test of time?

1 Day After People: In the silent city of Paris, stone gargoyles stare out on a city deviod of man. The stained glass of the cathedral shines with light and casts a glow on the stone statues of Madonna and baby Jesus, and the shaking sound of bells echos throughout the stone towers, sounding all over Paris with each strike of the hour. But there is a secret of the bell tower that no one knows, the towers are now, contrary to popular belief, rung by a timed system of gears.But the Gothic Cathedral itself was built in the 1300's and is a masterpeice of french archetecture and is said to be blessed by god himself, but will god be able to protect Notre Dame forever?

1 Month After People: the Sen is flooding with water as the drainage pipes back up, and as a result, Paris is drowning. And Notre Dame it losing its battle. The water engulfs the grounds on the over-grown lawns and puts stairn on the old ceder doors. But suddenly, the locks on the center door snap, and water streams into the main prayer hall ruining anything on the ground-floor. And now, through the rain and thunder, a distant toll of a bell can be heard in Paris as the bells ring for the final time because no one has tuned the bells in a month.

5 Years After People: The Floods have moved out, and the birds move back in. Now instead of chior hyms and pipe organs, pigion coo-ing is the sounds that echo throughout the facade of Notre Dame. Outside, dead grass and trees  litter the lawns and sidewalks as the Sen dries up. And inside, the stained glass has broken and the old wooden supports for the 3 ton bells are rotting. The splintered wood cracks and the 7 bells ring one last time as they each fall and embed themselves in the floors below. 

20 Years after People:The ginormous pipe organ that once blasted beautiful music through the cathedral is on its last legs. The tough granite arches that hold the floor beneath it are disentigrating, and the 20 ton organ fails and plummets to the bottom floor and cracks in half on the pews below. Meanwhile, the statues that adorned the halls in the time of people are falling. With the church in this state, Madonna and Child don't have a prayer of a chance, the statue collapses in the vibrations caused by the rumbling organ. 

100 Years after people: The back of the church is starting to fail, but not even the eternal force of gravity can bear its wieght. Within 100 years, one buttress cracks, and the back falls in a pile of rubble, yet 80% of the cathedral remains in one piece.