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well nothing. i just test.

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Darylngwuchuen Darylngwuchuen 23 September 2020

Report the spammers

People have been changing articles into stupid ones. I have re-edited them all. Please report the following users



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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 15 April 2019

What the fuck

Who the fuck wrote that air and space musuem page. Are you an idiot? that has to be the worst error page of misspelled words and etc sentence mixing 

And dude, you don't need, to put,  commas after, every, word , ok? It gets really, annoying, after the, first couple hundred, times,


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FoodCrumblesOfficial FoodCrumblesOfficial 7 May 2017

Guess what

I just made the wiki a logo, and I replaced the current one. Let me know what you think!

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Omgvk64 Omgvk64 18 November 2014

The Sphere

The sphere is a metallic structure in New York that was once in the old WTC, which got destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Thankfully, the sphere survived through the collapse of the twin towers, but still bares the scars on that day. parts of it were damaged. It was made in 1971 by a German artist named Fritz Koenig. with people gone, how long could it live on for? apparently, it's made out of bronze, so it could last for a very, very long time. Even if the rest of New York gets taken down by nature, especially the new WTC, this survivor of September the 11th will endure, even if the Guggenheim museum gets taken down by an earthquake.

There also reads a plaque, which is being buried by the forest that is revisiting manhattan, reading:

"For three…

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Ldelavina3 Ldelavina3 2 July 2014


The China International Trust and Investment (CITIC) Plaza is an 80-storey skyscraper in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou, China. Currently, it ranks as the 8th tallest building in China and the 16th worldwide. All Nippon Airways used to operate at the CITIC Plaza before moving to Tower A of the Victory Plaza. Now, without humans, how long will this tower last?

1 day after people: The sign on top on the CITIC Plaza goes dark, as the power grid of Guangzhou fails.

50 years after people: The glass has fallen from the building, leaving it a skeleton.

250 years after people: Two and a half decades of decay has weaken the floor supports. The 74th floor gives way and the building goes down in a pancake collapse. Guangzhou is now unrecognisable.

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Ldelavina3 Ldelavina3 14 June 2014

Anderson Bridge (Singapore)

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Mr. Idiot Mr. Idiot 17 October 2013

The Pentagon (Mr. Idiot)

In the East of the United States of America, the Pentagon stands as the HQ of the U.S. Army. The structure, looking like a pentagon from aerial view, was a target for the 9/11 terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center. The building has 4,200 wall clocks, according to Ripley's Believe it or Not. Now in a life after people, how long can it last?

100 years after people: The wall clocks finally fall off the walls and soon, the lights also collapse. The interior is rotting away.

300 years after people: The walls are in good shape, but the roof is taking on pressure. Vines and rain have damaged it so it collapses, bringing down the parking lot. The rubble pushes apart the walls and the Headquarters of the United States Army crashes d…

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Galloman Galloman 25 August 2013

Stardust Resort and Casino

The Stardust Resort and Casino was a casino resort located on 63 acres (25 ha) along the Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, Nevada.It opened in 1958, although most of the modern casino complex--including its main 32-story tower--was built in 1991. It closed on November 1 ,2006 and imploded on March 13, 2007 in order to make space for the Echelon place.

The Stardust is not closed due to the events of Life After People, how long will the Stardust last?

1 day after people: As the Las Vegas power strip shuts down, the Stardust loses power and goes dark.

2 days after people: The food inside the Stardust begins to rot away. The cards begin to grow moldy.

5 weeks after people: The last of supply of food rots away and the cards is being chewed on by pests…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 18 August 2013


Is they any active Admins here? This place is in need of some TLC from an admin.  Wingman1 03:35, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

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Wingman1 Wingman1 9 August 2013


2 Weeks after People: In zoos all across the world, there is no one to supply the rhinos with food massive amounts of food they need to feed themselves. Desperate for food, the rhinos, along with African and Asian elephants, lions, tigers, camels, zebras, ostriches and other exotic animals, break out of their pens. With the extinction of humans, the main predator of adult rhinos is gone, but will they be able to survive in the new wilderness?

The first Winter after People: Winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere. Both of the African species,White and Black rhinos, and both of the Asian species,Indian and Sumatran rhinos, of rhino have survived. However, a rhino's body is not designed to keep warm air in. Rhinos, along with African and Asian el…

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Stellaruniversexmpls Stellaruniversexmpls 4 August 2013

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is the tallest building in Iran's capital, Tehran. It has 12 floors and is 435 m high from ground to pinnacle. But, if Iran's population disappeared in a instant, will it last?

1 day after people: Tehran's power grid fails, Milad Tower blacks out.

10 years after people: The head is made of glass for observation, but the glass breaks and Milad Tower is now vulnerable to corrosion.

50 years after people: The pinnacle collapses. Milad Tower's head has corroded.

125 years after people: The head pancakes down because the head is too heavy for the bottom to handle, the tallest building in Iran is gone..

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Whipsnade Whipsnade 4 August 2013

Your House (North America and Europe)

The Life After People video starts in a house without you.

1 day after people: The alarm clock buzzers, the news programs aren't running because humans shut down transmitters but no one shut down the TV, and the humans have disappeared.

2 days after people: The electrical power shuts down. Most dogs and cats escape without humans.

10 days after people: The water is starting to melt, the food is rotting.

1 year after people: This house starts to flood and grow plant life.

20 years after people: Paper, cotton, and plaster rot away.

40 years after people: Most American houses will collapse in this timeframe. Mold has caused wood to decay, and this house collapses. Across the Atlantic, European houses are more expensive, and therefore more resistant…

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Stellaruniversexmpls Stellaruniversexmpls 7 July 2013

Freeway Cars

Freeway Cars are busy roads.

1 second after people: Cars crash onto other cars in Freeway without people to drive them.

40 years after people: Without people to maintain the cars, the cars begin to rust.

100 years after people: All the Freeway Cars rust, and collapse.

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Wingman1 Wingman1 7 July 2013

UPC International Bridge

UPC International Bridge is a suspension bridge in Canada, Toronto.

1 month after people: Power goes out.

200 years after people: The suspension cables snap and fall.

30 years after people: Soon, UPC International Bridge is gone.

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Texasnative13 Texasnative13 22 May 2013

Suggestions for Articles

This is a page I created for people to post suggestions they want to see on Life After People. I will try to get to all of them if I can. Anyone else is welcome to do any buildings on this page. Have fun!

I would like some skyscrapers from all over the world.I want them already built ones,nothing else.

MGM Tower in Los Angeles, The Arch in Hong Kong , 100 Federal Street in Boston, Harbour Centre in Vancouver, Capital Tower in Singapore, Torre Polar 2 in Caracas, ANTEL Telecommunications Tower in Montevideo, All of Manchester in the style of San Antonio, One Churchill Place in London, SkyCity Grand in Auckland, 88 on Field in Durban, Centara Grand Hotel in Bangkok, Intenational Printing Museum in Carson, Kuwait Telecommunications Tower in Kuwait…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 24 March 2013

Big Wood

Big Wood” is a skyscraper designed for eVolo skyscraper competition 2013. Is a prototype on mass timber construction that offers the possibility to build more responsibly while actively sequestering pollutants from our cities. Sited in Chicago; “Big Wood” aims to write a new chapter in high-rise construction.

Steel and concrete structural systems have been the primary materials of choice in skyscrapers construction over the years. Unfortunately, these materials have a heigh energy production and recycle costs considering the entire life of a structure.

Understanding that the construction industry accounts for 39% of man-made carbon emissions, it’s imperative that we develop more intelligent and less environmentally destructive strategies fo…

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NextGen24 NextGen24 15 March 2013

GreenGru Airportscraper

GreenGru Airportscraper is a skyscraper designed for Evolo skyscraper competition 2012. Inspired by the towering cranes found in big cities, the 380 meter-tall GreenGru skyscraper provides public transportation via air to residents of metropolises with traffic problems or airports located far from the core. It also works as an energy station, generating enough power from within to run its own systems and light up some of the surrounding city as well.

The building’s name capitalizes on the energy creation inside, a process the designers have dubbed “Artificial Photosynthesis Installation,” explaining the “green.” “Gru” is the Italian translation of “tower crane,” the basis of its look.

The tower’s mast is made of carbon-nanotube-reinforced st…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 14 March 2013

Statue of Quenton City

The Statue of Quenton City is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Quenton Island in Quenton Harbor, designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Indpendence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad. But danger is just around the corner. 

290 Years after People: It's been 290 years since the Quenton City World Financial Center coll…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 14 March 2013

The Wave Tower

The Wave Tower is a visionary 92 floor supertall skyscraper for the Madinat Al Arab district of Dubai Waterfront in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by the Spanish architecture firm A-cero. It is planned to be 370 meters (1,214 ft) tall and is designed to be a green energy building. It was planned to begin construction in late 2009.

It tries to create a dynamic way while a geometric shape rises and twists, like a wave, like the use in the bottom of the form of the pointed arch that extends as evoking waves of the sea, hence its name. It is covered with a double glass skin to control sunlight and with a white silk screened glass facade.

As beginning of 2013, no progress has been made.

1 Day after People: As Dubai's power grid fails, it tak…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 14 March 2013

Six Armenia World Trade Center (New)

The new Six Armenia World Trade Center is an envisioned building in Yerevan, Armenia. Designed by Mark Kostabi in the 1990s, it would have had 160 floors and would have been 2,000 feet (609.6 m) high. It was one of the many ideas for the Yerevan World Trade Center site. The Floor plates at the base of the building contain more than 200,000 square feet. It was proposed in the late 1990s as the world's tallest building by developer Mark Kostabi. How long can it last?

1 Day after People: The lights of Yerevan cease.

6 Months after People: A pipe nearby the tower ruptures causing little damage.

3 Years after People: A massive category 3 hurricane smashes through Yerevan, destroying much of the tower's windows.

15 Years after People: Some of the gl…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 13 March 2013

Yerevan Tower

The Yerevan Tower is the lead building of the Yerevan World Trade Center complex in Yerevan, Armenia. The 104-story supertall skyscraper is being constructed in the northwest corner of the 16-acre Yerevan World Trade Center site, occupying the location where the original Six Armenia World Trade Center once stood. The building is bounded to the south by the Hrazdan River. How long can it last?

1 Day after People: Yerevan blacks out as the glowing lights of Yerevan are never to be seen again.

3 Years after People: After 3 years of corrosion, the modern interior is now a rusting skeleton.

50 Years after People: The advanced humidity rushes degrading. But the Yerevan Tower is farther from the corroding salt water, so it will last longer. But the B…

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A Fandom user 11 February 2013


Murano is a building in Philadelphia.

2 Days: Murano's Power goes out.

1 Month: Murano begins to lean as it can't take any more.

2 Years: Murano implodes by itself.

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Wingman1 Wingman1 1 February 2013

Burj Pentominium

The Burj Pentominium is a 122-storey, 516 m (1,693 ft) supertall skyscraper under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Construction on the tower was halted since August 2011. Now, in a world without people, how long will it stand without maintenence?

1 Day after people: The power shuts down and the lights go out over Dubai.

2 Years after peopleThe tower is doing fine, at least for now. Only a few plants are climbing the tower and animals are living inside.

60 Years after peopleThe building stands around a city that is now covered in vegetation.

65 Years after peopleThe tower has now gone green. Plants invade the exterior as well as the outside walls. Spores coming from the top of the tower are landing across buildings around the …

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Cryptile33 Cryptile33 8 January 2013

Toys "R" Us

The power goes out, so do the lights

Anything made of paper rots away as glass breaks in a storm

Toys R us stores around the globe collapse

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Wingman1 Wingman1 7 January 2013

Gibraltar Super Bridge

The Gibraltar Super Bridge is a fantasy suspension bridge located in Gibraltar,Spain. If built it would higher than the Burj Khlaifa and would the tallest and longest bridge in the world. But how long can this fantasy bridge last for.

1 day after people: As power plants fail around the world the Gibraltar Bridge blacks out.

150 years after people: Along the bridge the huge hanger cables support the deck. But the strain of the deck has put to much pressure on the rusting cables. Finally the cables give way and the roadway falls over 300 ft into the ocean. Though the huge towers still stand.

250 years after people: The huge towers still stand across Spain. But the base of the towers has been subject to over 2 centuries of sea water. Finally one…

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Marc122 Marc122 3 January 2013

Pingan International Finance Center

The Pingan International Finance Center is a super-tall skyscraper is under construction in Shenzhen, China. It will be the tallest building in the city, and the third tallest building in the world. Its total height is 660 meters, and floor count 115. Now, how long can it last? 15 Years After People: Glass start to fall from the building. 

100 Years After People: The Shun Hing Square collapses, desrtoys some nearist buildings, but because it's far from Pingan International Finance Center, it doesn't damage the building.

150 Years After People: Kingkey 100 collapses, but also hardly damages the building.

400 Years After People:  After 4 centuries of neglegt and the weather of Shenzhen, the rusting building collapses, and destroys some nearest build…

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Drewmccone Drewmccone 10 August 2012

top thill dragsater roller coaster

1 day after people at cedar point theme park in ohio there is roller coaster that is sky high" top thill dragsater.

25 years after people now cedar point is a swamp stream top thill dragsater is almost falling apart. it was finshed may 4, 2003 and the second tallest roller coaster in the world.

30 years after people now top thrill dragster is being in failture and rotting away the strucker roller coaster cracks and falls.

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Wingman1 Wingman1 6 August 2012

Mission Control

Mission Control in Houston was 1 of the most important structures in the Space Expedition. Just on the edge of the Houston city limit, how long can the Mission Control keep contact with space?

1 day: The Mīßšìœń Çøñtröł works as usual but as the power fails, every computer in the building never makes contact with space again.

50 years: Mission Control is now invaded by the lower inside by weeds and muck. The computer's glass is brownish and covered in plants. Fish and other water-dwellers move into the marsh inside the lower building.

150 years: Vines cover the top of mission control and drip in from holes in the roof: The weight of the vines on the roof provides too much weight for it to handle and collapses. The collapse destroys the lower …

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Wingman1 Wingman1 5 August 2012

Houston City Hall

Houston City Hall is the center of the government of the 4th largest city in the United States. meetings and laws are made here. but humans are no longer here,  Houston can't declare battle on nature but only it's City Hall. but can this city hall survive?

1 day: Houston blacks out and the sprinklers on the pond infront of City Hall have stopped.

25 years: City hall is surrounded with muck and weeds and the glass has lost its color.

70 years: the glass panels actually survive arough hurricane but it has weakended the galss and they fall onto the swampland below:

10,000 years after people: City Hall has won the war against nature, but how? the aluminum in the building is gone but City Hall has a plan. the outside was covered in Texas Cordova li…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 5 August 2012

Houston Metroline

The Houston Metroline is the brother of the San Fransisco cable cars. The metroline is a series of busses that go around Houston that are supported by cables. How long until the metroline goes on another voyage?

1 day: As Houston is dark the busses' lights are still on because the engine is still roaring.

1 week: The engines finally runs out of gas and the cable cars go dark.

50 years: The cable cars have been wearing down for 5 decades but have still survived, although the wires that hold the busses up have spent the same time corroding and holding up thousands of pounds. The cables dont give way but the attachment to the cable car does and now busses run around Houston at 100 miles an hour. One starts aim at a building and collides with it.…

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 29 July 2012

Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station is an iconic train station in Melbourne, Australia. It's curved and rippled roof makes the building unique. How long will the station last after people?

3 Months after People: Heavy rains hit the Yarra river and floods the low lying areas of Melbourne and Southern cross station.

200 Years after People: The massive columns supporting the curved roof are on their last legs. Finally after 200 years, the columns collapse and the roof falls and crushes the decaying stores and facilities in the station below.

1000 Years after People: The roof has survived long enough to be overgrown and take the form of strangely shaped hills.

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 15 July 2012

Marlins Park

Marlins Park is a 37,000 seat baseball stadium in Miami, Florida How long can it last in a life after people

1 Day after people: The stadium goes dark when the Miami power grid fails

20 years after people: the stadium is covered in brazillian pepper like most of Miami

150 years after people: The stadium is the last structure still standing in Miami due to it's unique design, But it's been severely weakened by brazillian pepper and hurricanes. It only takes a a minor rain storm to finally cause the rusted roof supports to fail, collapsing the stadium.

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 20 June 2012

Namsan Cable Car

The Namsan Cable Car connects the N Seoul Tower on top of Namsan Mountain to the rest of Seoul, South Korea.

125 years after people:Due to wind blown chaffing of the cable car against the wire the tramway collapses severing the tower's connection with Seoul forever.

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 6 June 2012

Kingdom Centre

The Kingdom Centre is a skyscraper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia after the Abraj Al Bait. It is also the third tallest building with a hole in it. However,this hole might hold the key to its destuction.

150 years after people: The Kingdom Centre's glass windows were stripped away by sand,leaving behind a steel skeleton. The top of the tower collaspes onto the bottom of it. The Kindom Centre is no longer Saudi Arabia's second-tallest skyscraper.

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BetterSkatez-fduser BetterSkatez-fduser 5 June 2012

World Trade Center (Original)

The original World Trade Center is located in New York City. The WTC is a complex of Seven Buildings, including the landmark Twin Towers. Constuction of the Twin Towers started in 1968. The North Tower was completed in 1972 and the South Tower was completed less than a year later in 1973. 3 World Trade Center is a hotel. Buildings 4,5 and 6 are 9-storey buildings. Building 7 is a 49-story office building.The complex was destroyed during the attacks of 9/11 and the remaining buildings were demolished due to damage. Assuming 9/11 did not happen when humans disappear or if 9/11 never happened at all, how long will it last?

1 Day after People: The power grid fails. The World Trade Center loses power and goes dark forever.

10 Years after People: T…

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Texasnative13 Texasnative13 18 May 2012

Tower 42

Tower 42 became London's Tallest Building for 10 years from 1981 to 1991 until the One Canada Square was topped out surpassing the height of this tower, In the time of humans, The tower suffered severe damage and had to be entirely reclad and internally refurbished due to the April 1993 Bishopgate Bombing, By the end of 2013, Both Two towers. (Bishopsgate Tower, and Leadenhall Building.) will surpass the height of Tower 42.

5 Years After People: The windows have broken down raining down on roads.

100 Years After People: The floors began to collapse in the interior leaving everything but the core, The core still stands.

150 Years After People: The core collapses due to strong winds and deterioration.

300 Years After People: Most remains of the struc…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 6 May 2012

Sunshine skyway bridge

Write the text of your article here! The Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida.100 years after people the Sunshine bridge is 100 days old. 200 years after people the cable snap the roadway plunges into the water. The concrete towers collapse And the Sunshine Skyway Bridge isn't the longest cable stayed bridge.

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Cryptile33 Cryptile33 3 May 2012

Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station

The Amudsen-Scott South Pole Station is a research station located at the geographic South Pole. The building has been redesigned many times since its completion in 1956. Due to its location, the building gets six months of day and six months of night, and the temperatures can below -80 F.

10,000 years after people The Amudsen-Scott South Pole Station is still recognizable and intact, and will last for Millions of years to come due to the Antartic envirnoment. The flags that surround the station, however, have been blown off their poles and became buried in the snow.

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Kikodizon1232 Kikodizon1232 4 April 2012


2 days after people: The electrical power shuts down. Most dogs and cats escape without humans.

5-10 days after people: The food rots away.

1 year after people: This house starts to flood and grow plant life.

100 years after people like the John Hancock Center the tower buckles and starts a floor by floor implosion

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Wingman1 Wingman1 25 February 2012

Nintendo World Store

1 day after people: In New York City,the Nintendo World Store go's dark.The Wiis, Wiius and 3Ds stop working.The games quietly wait for a person to buy them,which will never happen.and the tvs which are used for play games Like Mario and Super Smash bros and are now off and not working

1 year after people: The glass begins to crack.Some pieces break and shatter.

10 years after people: The glass corner collapses. And TV's and 3DS's and glass is cracked. Inside, the papers are starting to decay. Vines and smaller plants are growing on the floor and walls.and the picks on the walls are now no more

100 years after people: 100 years with out people have done in the store. The broken windows have let in dirt and seeds, which have done some damage, …

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Muahahahah Muahahahah 25 February 2012

The Church of Nazarine

The Church of Nazerine is a church in the outskirts of Wilder,Idaho.

100 years after people.The poles holding up the roof that holds the steeple collapse,sending the steeple crashing down onto the rest of the church.The rusting playground beside it also collapses.

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Pageediter Pageediter 4 January 2012

Spinnaker Tower

110 Years After People: In Portsmouth England, the 560 ft Spinnaker Tower is becoming unstable. Now rotted by constant flooding from the tide, the legs can no longer support the over 1 ton building. The legs snap, the steel inside bends, and the whole structure plummets into the harbor.

1000000 years after people the legs collapse on the tails and destroyes gunwharf quays.

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Wingman1 Wingman1 20 December 2011

Phoenix Plaza

Phoenix Plaza is an office complex in Phoenix,Arizona.It includes the Phoenix Plaza Towers,the Quest Tower,third tallest building in Phoenix,and the Hilton Suites.How will this plaza beat the odds

150 years after people.This plaza looks anything but like a hotel,for that is what it is.Finally,the Quest Tower gives up its place as third tallest building in Phoenix.It falls onto the Hilton Suites.The Phoenix Plaza Towers follow.Soon the plaza is nothing but a burning inferno of rubble,for the rubble scraped while falling.Phoenix Plaza is anything but standing and cold.

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Kikodizon1232 Kikodizon1232 20 December 2011

The Parthenon

The Parthenon is a temple ruins in Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The temple overlooks the city below from the Acropolis mountain along with the other ruins of temples that once was the glory of the ancient Greek civilization. The Parthenon was built in 438BC and used as a temple to the goddess Athena, but it was turned into a mosque after the Ottomans conqured Athens in the early 1460s. On 26nd September 1687, ottoman ammunition inside the temple was ingnited by Venician bombardment and the explosion destroyed most of the sculptures and buildings in Acropolis, leaving The Parthenon as a hollow skeleton. Today, it's Athens most famous structure and one of the last records of ancient greek architecture. But can it endure in it's weakened cond…

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 16 December 2011

Aon Center

The Aon Center is a tower in Los Angeles(there is also one in Chicago).It is the 2nd tallest building in Los Angeles.Los Angeles,however,is a death zone,for it is vulnerable to earthquakes AND wildfires.And since Los Angeles is a coastal city,earthquakes can easily cause a tsunami.This tower is in danger.In 1988,a fire started on the 12th floor,destroying 5 floors,injuring 40 people,and left 1 worker dead.Repair took 4 months and costed $50,000 in damage.Could the same happen again,only this time costing WAY more than $50,000 and no one to put out the fire?

15 years after people.A fire turns LA into a burning inferno. But it survived mostly intact.

50 years after people.Even though the Aon Center thinks the worst is over,the Big One,an earth…

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Wingman1 Wingman1 12 December 2011

Landmarks not featured in the Series

These landmarks are not featured in any of the life after people series and not featured in life after people

  • 1 London, England, United Kingdom
  • 2 Tokyo, Japan
  • 3 Berlin, Germany
  • 4 Washington,  District of Columbia,  United States
  • 5 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • 6 San Francisco, California, United States
  • 7 San Diego, California, United States
  • 8 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • 9 Easter Island, Chile
  • 10 Santiago, Chile
  • 11 Bavaria, Germany
  • 12 Cologne, Germany
  • 13 Rome, Italy
  • 14 Sedona, Arizona, United States
  • 15 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • 16 Long Beach, California, United States
  • 17 Landers, California, United States
  • 18 Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • 19 Dallas, Texas, United States
  • 20 Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • 21 Amesbury, England, United Kingdom
  • 22 Seoul, South Korea
  • 23 Sh…

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 7 March 2011

Snack cakes

Urban legends claimed that snake cakes could last forever. While this is not true snack cakes do have qualities that enable them to last much longer than their 25 day expiration date. What snack cakes owe their longevity to is sorbic acid which helps inhibit the growth of mold. They also made with ingredients that hold moisture in and prevent the snack cake from becoming stale. Snake cakes could remain edible up to 25 years after people.

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Voodoo Montgomery Voodoo Montgomery 31 January 2011


3 months after people, Every year in the United States oral vaccines were dropped from aircraft in order to help control the spread of rabies. Now, without people to distribute the vaccines, rabies spikes by as much as 30%. The rabies virus causes death by inflaming the brain. Among the victims of the rabies outbreak will be domesticated dogs and cats that managed to escape from their houses.

300 years after people, Animals have now dispersed away from the cities where humans used to live. Because the rabies virus needs dense animal population in order to spread, the dispersal of animals away from cities ends the rabies outbreak.

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